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Dr.Leons Joseph

Specialty: Consultant - Urology

Personal Profile:


Consultant Urology

  • Bachelor in Medicine Surgery Jipmer , Pondicherry -India 1973.
  • Master of general surgery Jipmer ,Pondicherry – India 1976.
  • from post-graduate institute-Chindigarh – India 1979.


• Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility using the most updated

   medical, surgical and assisted reproductive technology.

• Early diagnosis of cancer prostate by annual screening using tumor

   Marker (PSA),rectal examination (DRE) & transrectal ultrasound

   (TRUS) with or without biopsies.

• Diagnosis and treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia using updated 

    medical, surgical and endoscopic minimally invasive techniques.

• Diagnosis and meticulous treatment of male sexual dysfunction using 

    updated medical and surgical techniques.

• Management of cases of voiding dysfunctions and urinary incontinence

   in women and men using the standard and optional lab., radiological

   and urodynamic studies.

• Management of cases of congenital anomalies of the urethral orifice   

   (Hypospadias) and testis (Ectopy & Cryptorchidism)

• Diagnosis and treatment of urinary stones using updated medical, 

   surgical, Endoscopical and ESWL techniques.

• Management of urinary (kidney, ureter and bladder) inflammations and tumors.

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